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Why Are Our Builders Unreasonable?

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Why are our builders being so unreasonable? 

They are professional.


They over deliver.


They charge a premium for their services...and as a result they enjoy a great lifestyle.


So why are they being so unreasonable?


Let us tell you… 




Not only do we mentor residential home builders from all over the world, we also licence a number of builders in Australia and New Zealand and allow them to represent us in their local area.


What that means is, when a consumer is looking for a professional builder they are directed to a company that we work with very closely, have trained to use the latest systems and processes and have been certified by us as solvent.


When a builder applies for certification we are not looking for quality, experience or honesty….we expect that as a minimum requirement from all builders!


What we want from every builder who wishes to join us is very unreasonable.


Most can't do it.


It’s too hard.


It may even appear impossible to some.


We are very unreasonable when it comes to what we expect a professional builder to do.


And yet...they do it.


Why? Because we make it easy for them.


What We Expect Of Our Builders Each Month


We expect them to make a decent net profit after drawing a reasonable wage, but we also show how this can be achieved. We expect them to grow all 3 areas of their sales funnel.


Simultaneously, EVERY MONTH…


But we also give them the blueprint to achieve this. We expect them to know every one of the 12 key numbers that drive their business weekly. And they do, because we gave them the tools to manage those numbers.


And we expect our builders to WORK ON their business and complete 3 profit generating strategies every 90 days.


Pretty unreasonable right?


They Expect High Service & High Quality From Their Subcontractors


But here’s the thing...


Our builders are also very unreasonable.


Builders Business Coaching

Not only do they expect honesty, quality and service from their suppliers, subcontractors and staff, they demand more. Their demands are built around their own company core values.


And they push their demands to unreasonable levels.


And this is a good thing!


Are you settling for less by being reasonable?


Did your plumber let you down because you are a reasonable builder?


Did you do the last variation for little or no profit because you want an easy life?


Did the painting contractor pull a couple of guys off your job and put them onto an ‘unreasonable builders’ job because you don't complain?


Let me tell you, those 2 days you lost probably cost you close to a thousand dollars in net profit.


That's money out of your pocket that is lost for ever.


Money that could have been spent on advertising and getting more leads.


Or invested in systems that would save you time…


Or put towards a family holiday…


It mounts up, week after week, month after month, year after year.


Builders Business Coaching

 Have you heard of Eli Broad?


A rich and powerful billionaire who lives in Los Angeles?


He founded not one, but two fortune 500 companies. One of them is a building company called KB Homes.


Do you know what his philosophy is?


Be unreasonable.


He’s unreasonable about deadlines, quality, what he expects from himself and what he expects from staff, suppliers and subcontractors.


Are you being too reasonable in your business?


It's About Expectations


Maybe it’s time to raise the bar.


Michelangelo once said, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”


Raise your expectations, demand more, be unreasonable.


If you’re interested in finding out what our builders are doing right now and how they are outperforming the market, click on the link below.


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