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What Is Your Sales Strategy?

Construction Sales

There are two popular sales strategies used by builders to get sales.

And we're guessing you’re probably using one of them right now.


The first sales strategy is sometimes called the ‘I don't need to advertise strategy’.


Your business goes from boom to bust. Boom when the referrals are coming in. Bust the rest of the time.


These builders have NO CONTROL of their business, they are simply reacting to the market.


Not good.



What Happens During The Tough Times


When times are lean, subcontractors don’t get paid on time. As the owner of the company, you’re right in there with them. You get to spend the majority of your time putting out fires, juggling the cash flow and making excuses instead of working on the stuff that is going to bring cash into the company.


Or that key position you were hoping to fill, so you don’t have to work 72+ hours a week, remains unfilled and you keep peddling the hamster wheel for another month. Only the next month, you’re going to have to pedal even faster to catch up!


Or worse, your plumber leaves the site because the fittings haven’t arrived which means the stage claim will have to be pushed back another week.


Or, you go out of business completely.


There’s a lot riding on those referrals.


The Alternative Is Not Much Better


The other option is hit and miss.


Construction Sales


This is the model most builders follow when they are trying to generate some quick sales.


Place an advert, get your name out there, generate some enquiries, meet the prospect on site, prepare a quote and then hope you win the job.


But when the prospect doesn't call you back, or tells you he has another quote for $100k less, or the advertising doesn’t produce any decent leads.


Same problem.


Who doesn’t get paid?


Who do you fire?


As the guy in charge, you get to make those tough decisions.


Not fun. Whether you rely on friends of your clients, or you pin all your hopes on advertising.


What if you had a process for creating a consistent stream of referrals and a formula to convert website visitors into sales?


Construction Sales


The Solution


Wouldn’t it be great to have a system for steadily growing your workflow so you never have to worry about cash flow again?

Or, perhaps pay for some help in the office.


Maybe take some time out with the family for a break.


Maybe start building your own dream home instead of always building them for other people.


We have a process that shows you how to systemise your building company, so that you can start seeing results fast!


To learn a proven strategy that is working in the construction industry for builders like you, click on the link below.


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