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Why 10% Is The New Break Even For Builders

Is your building company making at least 10% net profit on every contract?
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How To Charge For Quotes And Avoid Working For Free

Are you spending your own money quoting jobs for free?
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How To Read Your Balance Sheet And Profit & Loss Statement

80% of building companies trading today will go out of business in the next 5 years.
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[Conspiracy Theory] Who Are Builders Really Competing Against?

Why is it that whenever house prices go up... the price you can charge to build a home remains the same?  
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The 3 Different Types Of Time And How They Affect Your Day

We’ve all heard the expression that time equals money. But did you know it resembles cash in more ways than one?
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How Professional Builders Get Super Focused

One of the biggest obstacles to success in business is the correct use of time.  
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What Professional Really Means

The more time we spend in the boardroom with our network of builders, the more weight we put behind the PROFESSIONAL part of the 'Professional Builders' ...
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Why Are Our Builders Unreasonable?

Why are our builders being so unreasonable? 
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The 5 Principles Of Leading A Building Company

Are you facing growing pains in your building company?  
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