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The 3 Step Process For Systematising Your Building Company

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When you systematise your business everything becomes possible... 

No more glass ceilings, your business will continue to grow unabated.


In our other articles, we've covered establishing the value of your time in dollars and creating a ‘stop list’ containing the low-value tasks you are currently performing.


This article is all about taking a systematic approach to reducing your workload.



The Delete - Automate - Delegate Approach

It’s known as the D-A-D process, Delete-Automate-Delegate.


When you look at your stop list, add the time it takes you to perform each task in minutes. This makes it easier to prioritise the tasks you want to offload.


Starting with the daily task that takes the longest, if you use zero-base thinking, that is, if you looked at the task completely fresh as of today with everything thing you now know, is it important to your business? If it was deleted, would there be a financial consequence either now or in the long term?



Too often we find ourselves performing routine tasks that are no longer important in a business that has grown and evolved over the years. Therefore, the first question to ask is, "can this task be deleted?"


If it can, fantastic! You've just freed up some more time. If not, then the goal of the next question is to help eliminate you having to pay and manage someone else to performing an activity that can be performed on autopilot, day-in-day-out, "can it be automated?"



There are some great tools out there that allow more automation than ever before. Products like Zapier can even connect different cloud-based software products through API which allows even more automation to happen.


Email autoresponders that are found in CRM solutions such as Keep In Touch can reduce, but not entirely eliminate, the time involved in following up new enquiries.


Subcontractors can now be called up to site automatically by email OR text message with project management software.


Accounting software like Quickbooks Online can populate the actual invoice column in job budgeting software so that you always know if your jobs are running on budget.



There are many ways to automate and reduce labour costs, but sometimes, in fact most times, the tasks you are currently doing cannot be deleted or automated, which means there is only one option left...delegate.


Notice, this is not even a question. Because even though you are a superstar in your own business the fact is, everything you do can be performed by someone else. Not as good as you maybe, but 80% is good enough when it come to freeing up your time.


All you need to do is create a step-by-step process for someone to follow and that’s it...FREEDOM!


This part is truly exciting! As boring as it may sound, systematising a business will add more value to your company than doubling the turnover. So don't underestimate the importance or the scale of this task.


When you systemise your business everything becomes possible. No more glass ceilings, your business will continue to grow unabated.


Your role ceases to be Chief Technician and instead becomes Master Strategist.

You will spend your week consuming reports and making high leveraged important decisions. Decisions like 'let's commit to a marketing strategy on Facebook for 6 months and see if we can generate a 500% ROI', instead of taking a call from a client who wants to know why the painter isn't onsite today. Staff can deal with those questions far better whilst protecting your time.


So there you have it, Delete, Automate, Delegate.


Here's Where To Start

Start today by creating the very first SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)...’The Procedure For Creating Procedures’.


Once you’ve done that you can delegate the process of creating SOPs!


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