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How Professional Builders Get Super Focused

One of the biggest obstacles to success in business is the correct use of time.  
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Squeezing Juice From Oranges

Hardcore selling is a little bit like squeezing juice from an orange...
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What Professional Really Means

The more time we spend in the boardroom with our network of builders, the more weight we put behind the PROFESSIONAL part of the 'Professional Builders' ...
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Why Are Our Builders Unreasonable?

Why are our builders being so unreasonable? 
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The 5 Principles Of Leading A Building Company

Are you facing growing pains in your building company?  
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How To Attract Sales Without Selling

There's a big difference between attracting and selling. You probably understand this.
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#1 Question To Ask Before Growing A Building Company

To grow your business and create a saleable asset you need it to run without you.  
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The 20 Minute Marketing Analysis

Do you know how much you should be spending on advertising your building company?
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Should I Just Tell Them To Get Lost?

What happens when a client keeps asking you to change a contract before they will sign it?
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Are you building a business...or just building?

Let us ask you a question, are you building a business… or just building?
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