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Should I Just Tell Them To Get Lost?

Construction Sales

What happens when a client keeps asking you to change a contract before they will sign it?

At what point do you simply tell them to get lost?



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Last week I received a call from one of my advanced Sales Training clients who was facing a real challenge with one of his prospects.


He presented the proposal 3 months ago but has spent the last 12 weeks chopping and changing the contract as the prospect decided he wanted to add something one week, and remove something else the week after.


He became so frustrated with the whole process his was ready to tell him to get lost!


So he called me and said “Look, I’ve got two choices, suck it up and carry on, or fire the prospect. What should I do?”


Construction Sales

The problem in situations like this is that the builder has lost the high ground and the prospect is now calling the shots.


The prospect is no longer following the builder's sales process, instead the builder is following the prospects process for buying!


Take Control Of The Negotiation


So, the first thing my builder needed to do was regain control of the negotiation, and he did this by using a simple template I gave him.


If I do this for you? ….

Are you in a position to? ….


What we have here is a clearly defined path that will result in a contract being signed.


When The Client Changes Makes Changes


The problem my builder had was that his prospect had decided that he now wanted to provide the tap fittings for his new home.


So rather than make yet another change to the contract and go back to the prospect and hope they sign we did this…


The builder responded to the client by saying “If I remove the tap fittings from the contract and reduce the price to $637,452, are you in a position to sign the contract this Saturday at 10am in my office?”


What happened next was pretty amazing!


Construction Sales

The prospective client stumbled over his words, became very uncomfortable and would not commit.


This is a clear indication that you are being played!


Either the prospect does not have the finance to proceed or they are using you to drive another builder's price down.


Either way, right now you’re working for free with little chance of winning the job.


The Typical Outcome


The outcome in situations like this is not good. But it’s what we learn from our experiences that determines our future success.


The big learn from the builder in this instance was that he did not have a proven sales and marketing process in place when he first started dealing with this prospect.


Therefore, he was now dealing with a prospect that should have been deselected months ago.


It did not matter what he included in the contract or how low he dropped his price, he was never going to win this job.


He was being used as a price check against another builder who had built the prospects last home.


How do you feel when a prospect goes cold on you after 12 months of work preparing their quote for free?


Do you accept that working for free is all part of this industry?


Or would you like to find a better way that means you only deal with quality leads who are serious about building with you?


How To Avoid This In Future


If you follow our proven 8 step sales and marketing process for builders, you’ll spend less time with time wasters leaving you more time to invest in the quality enquiries.


Construction Sales

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Construction Sales