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Information Overload: Sales Training, Business Coaching & Consultants

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A great question was asked by one of our sales training clients this week.

We'll give you the actual question they asked in just a minute, but first, let us give you some background.


They belong to one of the largest franchise groups operating in Australia, New Zealand and the USA and although they receive new leads on a regular basis, they felt the way they dealt with those leads was inefficient and they were losing too many quotes considering the credibility they felt the 'brand' gave them.


So after some initial discussions and due diligence, they decided to stick a toe in the water and worked with Alex Alexandrou on a sales and marketing strategy for their business. We won't detail what was covered in this full day session here as that is not important to the story, however, what was important was the question they asked at the end.


Why Weren't We Told About This Before?

After 5-6 hours working through their entire process from lead generation, to lead nurturing, to converting a prospect into a customer and eventually a client for a new home, they were pretty excited about the future.


But then, they paused... and asked...


"Hey Alex, we love what you have gone through, everything you have said makes so much sense and we can see how this strategy can help us to become more efficient and win more jobs, but tell me....our Franchisor is one of the largest and most successful building franchises in the world, why aren't they using this strategy, or at least teaching us how to do it?"


Wow! We love it when clients start asking these types of questions.


It shows they really 'get it'. And not only that, it shows they have absorbed the information and are now looking ahead.


We'll share Alex's response with you in a minute, but first, let's touch on a really important point that applies to every business owner right now.


Information Overload

Make no mistake, we have never been more connected, and there has never been so much information available to so many. We can only absorb a tiny amount of the information available and when we attempt to take on too much, we get overwhelmed and retain very little.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of 'advice' that is being offered by different coaches and consultants, rest assured it is only going to get worse.


It may feel like you only have two choices. Switch off and continue with the knowledge you already have, or spend every available minute cataloging and storing information for future reference. Because at some point in the future you'll have time to read those emails, watch those webinars and maybe even join a training course.


We all know that is not going to happen. It won't happen because you are using the wrong process to manage your intake of information. So let us share a couple of tips with you that will get you on track and ready for the challenge of the year ahead.


There are two types of information that can help you improve your business.


The Two Types Of Information That Can Help Improve Your Business

Strategy And Tactics


Let's start with strategy. This is classic 'working on your business'. Planning, forecasting, implementing processes. This is what you must be doing every single week in order to grow your business.


Dedicate a portion of your week to learning about strategic planning. Allocate a budget to spend on your education. You will see a return on investment year after year. You cannot unlearn this stuff and your returns compound year after year making it the most cost-effective training money can buy.


But tactics...they are a black hole. And they chew up many aspiring building companies each year.


You see, tactics are all about working in your business. Learning about SEO is a tactic. learning how to do Facebook advertising or Google Adwords is a tactic. And even if you learn how to do these things well and see some good success, it won't last unless you continue to educate yourself and keep your knowledge of Google and Facebook up to date. Which is why tactics should always be outsourced.


So, nothing ground breaking there, we all know we should be working on our businesses instead of working in them, but that is just Step 1.


Step 2 is to 'cull' the incoming information.


Culling Information

You may find yourself on the list of a few business coaches, a couple of internet gurus and even some business consultants. And all of these experts can offer something, but collectively you'll get nothing of value. Why?


Well, that comes down to Step 3 which is Implementation. 



If we learn 5 new strategies that blow us away and get us excited about our business again, we naturally want to implement everything at once. When we start to work on everything, we achieve nothing.


Multi-tasking is a myth. It is physically impossible for our brain to focus on more than one thing at a time. Therefore, we must plan in a linear fashion which means we must prioritise. And this is where it gets interesting because one of those strategies will yield 80% of the results!


That's a scientific fact. So as long as you choose the right strategy to work on first, you will leverage your time exponentially!


Where Do You Start?

So, what to work on first? If you ask five different coaches you may get three different answers which is why it's important to 'cull' the advice. Pick who you consider to be an expert in their field and follow their advice and strategies. Don't worry about the rest. Unsubscribe from their emails so as not to dilute the information you are absorbing. At some point, you may feel you have outgrown one of your mentors at which point you can start to drop them and start subscribing to a new thought leader.


The point is, you don't want to double up on the incoming information. Streamline the inflow, decide what is most important to your business and implement it.


If you practice this in the first three months of the year, you can expect QTR 2 to be your best ever.


Which brings me to Alex's answer to the question "Why aren't they [our Franchisor] using this strategy or at least teaching us how to do it?"


And the answer is simple, they don't know it!

Builders Business Coaching


The Association of Professional Builders use the latest marketing and sales strategies that have been developed and implemented by the world's top 0.1% of marketers. This is knowledge that is not generally known by marketers around the globe, let alone business owners and building companies!


So it's no surprise that every single building company we have taught this strategy to was hearing it for the first time. And I'm not just talking about our target market of builders who complete 3-12 homes a year. We have been approached by some of the largest builders in Australia, who we cannot even name here, that were keen to learn and implement these strategies into their own already successful businesses.


So it's horses for courses. We're not saying don't listen to the advice and support your Franchisor offers, as they will be providing some good information regarding the overall running of a building company. But if you require expertise regarding financials, then speak to an Accountant that specialises in construction accounting.


When You Need Help With Your Business Operations

If you need help with operations speak to a consultant or coach that works with builders and can help you to structure your project management more efficiently.


And if it's sales you need to improve, speak with a sales and marketing specialist.


So although your Franchisor may be successful when it comes to selling franchises and generating leads for the franchisees, their expertise may not extend to a sales process or financial reporting for a building company. And that's not a weakness, you just need to be prepared to seek that knowledge elsewhere.


If you would like to discover more about the experts in construction marketing and sales, or get some expert mentoring to help with the bottlenecks in your building company, click on the Watch Now button below to learn more about what's inside APB Membership.


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