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If You Are Doing This… Stop Right Now!

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If You Are Doing This…Stop Right Now!

Stop doing what you hate and start doing what you love...

In the last article, we covered the importance of understanding  your hourly rate and why knowing this number is so important when it comes to time management. If you’ve not already read this article you can access it here.


Once we know the true value of our time, delegating tasks becomes much easier to accept. Business owners and managers are frequently their own worst enemy when it comes to time management because they are reluctant to let go of activities they believe only they can do.


The Reasoning...

There are many reasons behind this belief, but here are some of the most common we hear:

  • It would take too long to show someone else, I may as well do it myself.
  • No one else can do it as well as I do.
  • I can’t afford to pay someone else to do this.

And yet McDonalds have created an empire that relies on teenagers performing tasks that their parents could never get them to do. Therefore, it’s fair to say that in the majority of cases the problem lies with the manager and not the technician. Therefore, the reasons given above are really just excuses.


The Realisation...

So, if we accept that we are all replaceable (not a great thought granted!) but if we are open to the idea that given the right training someone else (not anyone else) can do what we do, then work just got very exciting. Why? Because it means we can offload all our crap onto someone else!  And when you stop doing stuff you hate or find boring, you’re left with the bits you love. :-)


Where Do We Start?

We start with a Stop List Now if you're excited by the idea of stopping everything you are currently doing and giving it to someone else your stop list may look a little overwhelming. Not a problem. We’ve got a nice little process you can use to prioritise your delegation strategy, which we’ll go into more detail on in the next post.


The Resolution...

For now, let's get everything listed. On a piece of paper start with 6 columns, ad hoc, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. Something like this…


Ad Hoc Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Yearly
xxx xxx x xxx x xx
xxx xx   xxx   xx
xxx     xxx    


Below each heading, write down the activities you are currently doing. Now we can create a prioritised Stop List starting with the daily activities you are currently performing. This is where life gets harder before it gets easier because you need to spend some additional time working on your business in order to free up time that is currently being spent working in your business. That’s not easy. It may mean weekends or evenings, but if you start on this path you will never look back.


Let's Go!

Start today. Create your Stop List, because in the next article we’ll cover a process for systematically eliminating your workload. It’s called the D-A-D System and when you combine it with your hourly rate and your stop list you’ll step off the hamster wheel and enter a whole new world where scaling up your building company is a very real possibility.


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