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How To Demonstrate Value And Avoid Competing On Price

Construction Sales

Coaches and Consultants who tell builders, “business is business, it’s all the same regardless of your industry,” are marketing to what's called 'the lowest common denominator'.



There's a 'lowest common denominator' in every marketplace,  especially construction.


At a consumer level, it's the guy who wants top end inclusions and service but only looks at the price on the quote.


In the trades, it's the guy who wants to get the work but can’t be bothered to produce a quote or turn up on time to start the job.


In home building, it's the builder who wants a ton of leads but  doesn't want to create a marketing strategy or establish a sales process.


The list goes on and it happens in every industry...


Isn't it safe to say most of your competitors pander to this crowd?


Of course they do.


Other Builders Competing On Price Is Good News


That’s why they say “It’s all about price”


Which is great news for you, because all the time your competition is not working on their marketing and sales strategy, you can beat them and don’t even need to be any good at it!


All you need to do is get started and you’re ahead!


And you know what the best bit is?


When you are not the 'Lowest Common Denominator' in your market, you don’t need to rely on the 'Lowest Common Denominators' as clients!


No more idiots who look at 5 different quotes and simply pick the cheapest one.


No, you’re going after the ‘EVOLVED’ client.


The client that was attracted to you because of your marketing.


The client that signed a contract with you because of your sales process.


Sure, these people are smart and they don’t throw their money away. But when they see value, they are prepared to pay for it.


So, demonstrate value and you won’t need to compete on price.


And speaking of value, that brings me onto Business Coaches and consultants…


Construction Sales


It's About Delivering Value


Why do you think APB charge more for sales and marketing training than any other business coach?


It’s because we deliver so much more VALUE.


We have financial interests in multiple residential building companies in Australia and New Zealand so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to operations, marketing, sales and financials for a building company.


Why This Information Is So Valuable To Builders


Most coaches have never even owned a business let alone a building company. So how could they possibly understand the challenges you face?


Would you like to access the inside information on the marketing that is working right now for builders?


Or the sales process that is constantly being tested and improved in real building companies that we are financially invested in?


How about the financial reporting and key performance analysis that we have set up for each of our building companies?   


Do you think accessing the information that we use to train our own builders would help you to run your company more effectively?


Do you see value in accessing information that is specific to the construction industry rather than the same old generic stuff that is being rehashed and resold by every business coach?  


Do you really think builders would pay us more than any other business coach without understanding the value we offer?


And do you believe we know what we are talking about when we say we can show you how to avoid competing on price and win jobs at higher margins?


You see once value is established price becomes secondary. No longer is the prospect thinking “Is it worth it?”, instead, they are weighing up “Can I afford it?”


Once that happens you shift your focus to, can you afford not to?




Construction Sales


Choose the cheapest builder, there are consequences.


That’s just like choosing a business coach because they’re the cheapest. You wouldn’t do it because you’re looking at outcomes.


The potential return on investment.


What's The Solution?


So if you are interested in not only thinking differently to the rest of the construction industry but actually doing something that not many other builders are prepared to do, book in for a chat with a construction industry sales specialist.


We’ll tell you what’s working right now in the residential construction industry.


Now it’s fair to say the average builder will not make one extra cent when they learn the process...and that’s because the average builder either doesn't have the time or the inclination to work on their business.


Therefore, if you’re already time poor, give this a miss as it’s a waste of your time learning about something you are not going to implement.


 Construction Sales


But if you’ve figured out the difference between working harder and working smarter, and you understand the importance of working on your business instead of in your business, then the moment has arrived for you to take action.


Click on the link below to see how residential building companies achieve success even when times are lean.


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