Facebook Fast Start For Builders

According to Social Media News, Over 80% of 25-55 year olds are now on Facebook.

So if your client base is within that age group, you need to be marketing your building company on the number 1 social platform in the world or you risk missing out and being left behind.

Right now, most residential home builders are posting on Facebook without any idea if they are doing it properly or how to generate leads….

Put simply, they have NO strategy.

Which means they are missing out on a great opportunity to become the number 1 builder in their area on Facebook and generate more leads than they actually need!

Generate More Leads Than You Actually Need

The problem is, most builders don’t know what they are supposed to be doing and furthermore have little idea of how to do it.

Meanwhile, their competitors are continuing to build up their own brand awareness on Facebook and are capturing most of the attention of any potential clients.

The consequences of not reacting to a change in market conditions are serious.

The builders that take advantage of a new opportunity prosper.

While the building companies that do not adapt, miss out get left behind.

Tap Into The Power Of Facebook

The truth is, because consumers are NOT actively searching for builders on Facebook, you have an ideal opportunity to connect with them BEFORE they start getting onto the ‘Request A Quote’ websites.

Which means you have an unfair advantage over your competition!

And when you have more leads coming in each month than you actually need, you’ll be able to choose your clients AND most importantly, increase your margins.

To sign these leads into high margin contracts, make sure you download the Sales Blueprint for Builders.

Click on the link below to get instant access.

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