Buildertrend Review - Construction Project Management Software

Are you using construction project management software in your building company?

Gone are the days of managing all of your projects in a spreadsheet. 

And if you’re still doing it that way, you’re falling behind thousands of other builders. 

We live in a time where it’s never been easier to manage a building company, thanks to software and tools that can automate things, like your project management.

If you aren’t already using a project management system, you’re probably wondering which one to use, because there are many to choose from. A popular option, with nearly 1 million users across the globe including a large percentage of members of the Association of Professional Builders, is Buildertrend.

Buildertrend was founded on the simple belief that there’s a better way to manage construction projects, and we agree - systemisation of projects, and many other elements of the business, are an important part of running a successful building company.

BuildertrendThis construction project management software is built around organisation and collaboration. It eliminates the need to use half a dozen different platforms and programs by integrating it all into a single source of truth. Meaning you can dump those Excel Spreadsheets and stop rummaging through the pile of loose papers on your desk looking for that information that you swear you wrote down. 

In a nutshell, Buildertrend is designed to help you: 

Systemise your presale process so you can...

✓ Create, compare, send and store bids in one place.

✓ Build estimates, deliver customised proposals and sell more jobs.

✓ Create, capture and close all of your prospects.

✓ Implement email marketing with email blasts, automated campaigns and customised messages.


Keep all projects organised and running smoothly with…

✓ Daily logs to document and share information with employees, subcontractors, vendors and clients.

✓ To-dos for yourself, subcontractors, staff, as well as reminders for your clients.

✓ Scheduling that allows you to make changes on the job and instantly notify stakeholders of changes to the schedule.

✓ Storage for documents and photos.

✓ Work in progress reports keeping your projects in check.

✓ Automation to track warranty claims.

✓ Plan markup capabilities to make changes to plans or blueprints on the go.

✓ Accounts for trade partners so you can manage important documents and insurance certificates.


Stay on track of your billing so you can…

✓ Invoice from estimates, change orders or customer selection sheets.

✓ Easily accept online payments and pay your subs.

✓ Budget and track labour time, bills and POs.

✓ Create, get approval and receive payments of purchase orders.

✓ Integrate with your accounting tools like Quickbooks and Chase.

✓ Manage all your lien waivers in one place.

✓ Create and deliver change orders.


Keep your clients happy with…

✓ Customer logins so your clients have direct access to their project.

✓ Selections section so you clients can easily make choices and check pricing.

✓ Surveys and reviews that automatically send after construction is completed.


There’s also a mobile app so you, your staff, your subcontractors and your clients can access so everyone is kept informed about the project, no matter where they are.

What Our Members Think Of Buildertrend

Buildertrend-Nick-SchifferOne of the Association of Professional Builders members, Nick from NS Builders, is a big advocate for Buildertrend. He said, “I love seeing the progress on my projects. As the owner, I’m usually focused on working on the company, but this allows me to stay connected to what’s going on with our jobs." If you want to read more about Nick’s success with Buildertrend, click here.

Nick’s not the only one that raves about how Buildertrend has changed his business. Another member, Zak from ZJ Building, told us this project management software has completely changed his business by giving them a place to streamline all of their processes, helping them to increase their job by job profitability. 

Here’s what else our members have said about Buildertrend…

✓ “We love the communication it has with our vendors.”

✓ “Daily Logs are great!”

✓ “All the subbies, as well as our wage carpenters, find it easy to use.”

✓ “No labour hours are ever forgotten!”

✓ “Our clients love logging in to see what’s happening. I don’t make or receive nearly as many phone calls from clients as they know what’s going on.”

✓ “Variations are so easy to get signed.”

However, it’s not all rosy. There are some ‘gotchas’ that you need to be aware of.

Some users aren’t a fan of the estimating functionalities, they say it ‘needs a lot of work’. Some struggle to get it right and others turn to other options for their construction estimating software needs.

The pricing structure can be a bit hit or miss, depending on the number of projects you’re completing and how big your team is. Buildertrend offers two fixed options, Core and Pro, but you might end up finding they don’t exactly fit your requirements. The good news, however, is that they offer the opportunity for you to get in touch with their team to create a customised package based on your business needs. 

In conclusion, whether you’re building new homes or renovating existing homes, Buildertrend can, in one way or another, help you to streamline the processes in your business.

If you’re keen to try Buildertrend in your building company, they offer a free demonstration of the software program here