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Are You Scared Your Building Company May Fail?

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Are you frustrated at the speed at which your business is growing? 

Are you constantly disappointed by the contracts you didn’t sign and always feeling like you should be growing your business faster?


Take a couple of minutes to discover the 4 business principles that will not only help you to grow your building company faster, but will also help you to increase your margins at the same time.. 



 #1 All Business Skills Are Learnable 

The first principle is that all business skills are learnable. Just like when you started your career as a builder, you didn't start out with the skills you have today, you acquired them over a period of time through training and experience. Business skills are exactly the same. But most business owners tend to learn from experience rather than training which results in a slower learning curve. 


It doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, sales, admin or financial management. If you are a business owner, you can master all of these skills relatively easily. It just takes training and experience.


#2 Growing A Business Takes Time

We all hear about the overnight success stories, the guys that start a business and become instant millionaires in their 20’s. Well, the reason we hear about those guys is because in reality it’s quite rare for someone to succeed in business overnight. Look at the successful building companies that are all around us. They were built over a long period of time. 


Just like building a new home, creating a successful business requires planning, strong foundations and a lot of work over time. 


Measure your success. Work on strategies that will contribute growing your business every single week. The results will come through naturally.


#3 People Who Are Not As Smart As You Have Already Succeeded


Construction Marketing

Ain’t that the truth! We all know someone in business that has experienced great success, yet we also know they are not really that smart. Certainly not as smart as you, right? 


Rather than feeling frustrated by this, get inspired! If they can achieve that level of success, what are you going to achieve? 


Succeeding in business is not about having a university education. Universities simply teach students how to be good employees. 


The most successful builders did not excel at school. But they knew what they wanted out of life and they went after it. 


You have the resources available to you to beat every single one of your competitors and become the number 1 builder in your area.


#4 Growth Is All About Marketing

It’s not about cashflow. It’s not about 'who you know'. It doesn’t even matter how good of a salesperson you are. 


To grow a business, you need to get good at marketing. And here’s the thing, almost all of the builders out there know nothing about marketing, how exciting is that! Do you see the opportunity you have right now?


The days of relying on referrals or having a prospect call you up because they were looking for a building company in the Yellow Pages are long gone. It’s a different world out there now and if you learn how to market your building company correctly, you will obliterate your competition. 


We’ve been training builders all over Australia, New Zealand and North America in how to advertise their company on Google and Facebook, how set up their websites to convert visitors into opportunities and how to convert more quotes into contracts at higher margins. 


If you have not been learning about marketing, you are going to find it increasingly difficult to compete in this market and are in real danger of being completely left behind.


So there are 4 reasons why you should be optimistic about your business and I hope that encourages you to keep pushing forward to success.


How To Implement Into Your Own Building Company

There’s every chance that you are only missing one piece of the jigsaw at this stage of your business, so I hope you feel inspired do what is needed to put your company on the path to super success!


And to help you get started, here is a link to the proven sales process for a building company.


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