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How To Attract Sales Without Selling

Construction Sales

There's a big difference between attracting and selling.

You probably understand this.


Understanding is step #1.


But living the difference is another matter, and here’s why.  



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Today we're going to reveal how you can attract quality clients TO YOU rather than spending your time chasing opportunities.


But first let me warn you, this attraction stuff isn't for every builder.


It takes patience, hard work, a service mindset and vision.


Attraction Vs Selling


There are a lot of differences between attraction and selling, but the biggest one has to do with how the decision to sign a building contract is reached.


Selling is when you show up with the quote and get the client to accept it.


Attraction is when you create an environment where a prospective client comes to their own conclusion.


I know which path works best, because this is how our building companies operate.


The important thing, however, is to be clear and choose ONE.

Construction Sales

If you mix them up, it gets really confusing.


Would you trust a car salesman who called himself an Advisor? Unlikely!


Attract Or Sell


Pick one and go all in.


Provide a clear path for people.


Because confused people tend to do nothing.


It's the paradox of choice which as a builder you’ve experienced firsthand many times.


Give the client 3 choices, and so long as there is a clear difference such as budget, value or quality, they can normally make a choice.


When you give them the whole catalogue to choose from, they’re like a rabbit caught in the headlights.


Indecision leads to procrastination.


Procrastination leads to delays.


And delays cost you money.


So decide...


Are you a natural salesperson that clients warm to?


Someone who never has a problem getting a contract over the line?


If you are, and if you are getting results, stick with it.


The builders who operate the building companies in our group are not typical salespeople.


They prefer to have clients approach them.


Which is why over 80% of them use the attraction method.


Construction SalesIt takes a lot more work to get started, but they end up with a process that attracts prospects and churns out clients.


No selling required.


Or selling by ‘not selling’ as Jim Penman famously said.


To Sell Successfully Using The Attraction Method You Need 2 Things


Strategy and tactics.


One without the other simply does not work. You need them both.


But here's the thing, you only ever feel like you are making progress when you are working on the tactics!


It’s a bit like building a new home.


The plans are the strategy and construction is the tactic.


It’s the reason why many builders jump into the tactics without creating a detailed schedule beforehand.


And yet the most successful builders are the ones that invest time in planning the build before they break ground.


Ironically even though these guys often start a job after the builder that jumps right on in without a plan, they always finish it before them.


So although working on a strategy for selling using the attraction method may feel unproductive, especially if you are desperate for sales, by the time you get to the tactics, everything just ‘flows’.


A job that has everything scheduled and ordered prior to the site fencing going up runs at lot smoother.

Construction Sales


If you would like to download the strategy being used by some of the most successful building companies in the world, then click on the link below this article.


The sales process for builders details the exact process that is used by our building companies to attract quality leads and turn them into clients without ever having to drop a price in order to win a job.


It’s Not A Quick Fix


Strategy takes time to set up and implement so it's not for the procrastinators.


And it's fair to say the average builder won't do this, which is great news for you as it makes winning so much easier.


But once you’ve implemented it, you’ll have a sales system that will deliver you clients for years to come.


So go ahead, click on the link below now, it’s a free download

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