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80% Of Success Is Showing Up

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You've got a great reputation in the local area, you’ve got great marketing that has educated me about your process, we've already told you that we're not talking to any other builders because we want to build with you… and yet... you failed to turn up for our last meeting.

Do you still think we're going to build with you? 


Simply showing up may not guarantee success but it certainly helps!


If you are an apprentice and you consistently fail to show up for work, you’re unlikely to succeed in completing your apprenticeship.


Equally, if you're a subcontractor and you constantly fail to show up on the day you are booked in on site, then sooner or later the builders you work for will stop using you and your business will fail.


You Can't Leave People Hanging


And if you are a builder who fails to return phone calls or show up for meetings with potential clients, again you are unlikely to win enough jobs to keep your company going.



Builders Business Coaching
                    WOODY ALLEN



You may have heard the quote that has been attributed to Woody Allen that 80% of success is showing up. To demonstrate the point, we want to share with you an experience we recently had.


It Happened To Us


We approached a well known marketing guru who sells training programs that cost six figures to coaches and consultants in Australia and the US.


We’ve known of this person for sometime. We did the research and were comfortable that he delivered good value through his courses.


Long story short, we had a conversation with a sales consultant called Morris where we made our intentions clear that we were prepared to invest in a particular training program.


Rather than close us, Morris followed his sales process and booked us into a longer session that we ‘rather inconveniently’ had to make time for in the calendar two weeks later.


(As a builder, you never want do that! Make sure you follow our Sales Process and take your hot prospects out of the market early!)


Anyway, at the end of the call we decided to give Morris an easy ride and told him we were definitely in, making it a ‘dead cert’ from his perspective.


This sale really was his to lose.


All he had to do was show up.


He had our mobiles, our landlines and Skype addresses.


We even emailed him 15 minutes prior to the appointment to confirm which communication channel he would be using for the meeting….




No calls to the mobiles.


No calls to the landlines.


No contact on Skype.


This was a 'dead cert' sale, all the sales person needed to do was show up and


Builders Business Coaching


Why Simply Showing Up Is A Top Priority


In most cases turning up to meet a client on site does not guarantee a builder the job.


In fact, without a sales process the chances of winning a job after meeting with a prospect are less than 10%. But that’s still 10% higher than for the builder who doesn't show up!


So guys, make showing up a priority in your business. Make it a culture within your business to call back and show up.


We can't guarantee you success from just showing up, but we can guarantee failure if you don't.


Now you may be thinking, "I don’t have time."


In which case the answer is simple.


What To Do When You Don't Have Time


You need to qualify better. No sense in meeting prospects that are unlikely to build, if you get sucked into to wasting time on these people you’ll have less time for the 'dead certs' which will result in missed opportunities.


Builders Business Coaching


Don’t end up like Morris…


Use a qualifying checklist to identify your hot prospects.


You can download ours by using the link here.


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