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#1 Question To Ask Before Growing A Building Company

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To grow your business and create a saleable asset you need it to run without you.


But how long can your business operate without you?

And how much do you want to grow?

And how much spare capacity do you have within your business to service this growth?



Before you invest years of blood, sweat and tears into your building company there is one question you need to ask yourself…




The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) spent many years painstakingly analysing billions of dollars of case studies to answer that very question.


BCG determined that the future of every business comes down to two simple questions:

  1. Is your market growing more than 10% a year?
  2. Are you #1 in your niche?


If the answer to both questions is yes, you’re a star business.

That means you’re one of the 4% of building companies that make 64% of the money.


These businesses enjoy almost all the profits and growth.


If your market is not growing, but you’re the #1 player in your niche then you’re a cash cow.


You might not be growing but, there’s an excellent chance you’re raking in a pile of cash.


But life for every other builder is pretty hard.


They struggle with cashflow, they struggle to get good leads and they always end up dropping their price in order to win a job.


If you understand THIS, then you already know half of the formula for success in business.


If your business is not a star or a cash cow, then you need to figure out how to become one.


…or try something else


Because life is way too short to waste it swimming upstream.


But if your business does have potential for more sales, then how much spare capacity do you have right now to take on extra work?


And what happens once it’s gone?


One word…systemisation.

New sprout growing from grass inside a jigsaw


If your business cannot operate without you for an extended period of time…


Or if the thought of taking on more staff fills you with anxiety…


Or you think more jobs means you’ll end up working longer hours...


You need systems right now.


Systems that manage your team, systems that manage your jobs, systems that manage your sales.


Once you systemise your building company, growing will be easy. Sales will flow, jobs will flow and the cash will flow.


The Association Of Professional Builders is unlike anything you have seen before.


We work with builders from all over the world, setting up their marketing, creating their sales process, training them on their financials and providing them with the systems they need to run a professional building company.


The best performers are invited into our boardrooms and are licensed to operate under our brand name.


We spend thousands of dollars every week advertising on Google, Facebook and YouTube to send consumers to our directory of professional builders where they flow seamlessly through into profitable contracts for our certified partners.


If you would like to join the Association Of Professional Builders as a member, or get some expert mentoring to help with the bottlenecks in your building company, or maybe even apply to become a certified member, click on the Watch Now button below to learn more about what's inside APB Membership.


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