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Association Of Professional Builders Boardroom: Declassified

  Here at the Association Of Professional Builders, our aim is to help building companies increase their leads, sales, profits and professionalism.  
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Are you building a business...or just building?

  Let us ask you a question, are you building a business… or just building?  
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Who Is The Ideal Client For Builders?

  It's one of the most uncomfortable conversations a business owner will face when assessing their marketing.  
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80% Of Success Is Showing Up

  You've got a great reputation in the local area, you’ve got great marketing that has educated me about your process, we've already told you that we're ...
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What Is Your Sales Strategy?

There are two popular sales strategies used by builders to get sales.  
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How To Demonstrate Value And Avoid Competing On Price

Coaches & Consultants who tell builders “business is business, it’s all the same regardless of your industry” Are marketing to what's called "the lowest ...
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[Formula] How To Double A Builder's Profits

  Too many builders simply hope to double their business rather than plan it.  
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5 Tips For Goal Setting That Work

  If you’re in business, then there is no question you’ve been told about the importance of goal setting and the role it plays in achieving success.  
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What Is Workflow & How Is It Different To Work In Progress?

  I need to ask you a VERY important question.  
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